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well finally!!!! the boston red sox will get into the world series



well as you may rememberthat I have always been a very big baseball fan :Doh: and that my favorite team has always been the boston red sox :thumbs up: well I am very happy to say that the red sox has been doing a very good job of winning baseballyea!!!boston, and so as you know david Ortiz isretiring :crying: and a lot of fans is very sad to see him go :crying: so in my mind the gift for david retiring is a gift of the world series to go out with a bangjust wanted to blog to let you know that I miss you guys all the members of stroke net and that I am still thinking of you :crying: all the time , I hope that all is well with youand that your recovery is going well :pullhair: keep working on recovery, never give up :dunce:


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Lenny, thanks for dropping in, some of the members are still blogging regularly and we have some new bloggers so all is well in the Blog Community.  Glad you are still maintaining your interest in baseball and hope your team does well in the series.

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