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Counting months



Today marks 35 months since my stroke does anyone else still count the months not wanting to minimize the tragic events of my past but at what point do we stop counting months and start counting years just curious I know it's up to each individual I'm just not sure where I land on that next month will be 3 years any input is always appreciated I love the support and encouragement I get from thank you thank you thank you


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2 years seems to be where they stop counting months when it comes to babies ages. That seems appropriate for strokes too.  After all we effectively start a new life.


But do what works for you.

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jay :


for me I never counted months though each year passing brought lot of joys though once I started my stroke anniversary as my valentine day I look forward to it & make it very special day which holds lot more meaning to both of us now. if my stroke date is my rebirth then hubby will b in lot of trouble now since I will be turning thirteen so will be teenager now lol. post stroke every day counts, u do whatever works for you.



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Jay I keep it in the back of my head and I know close to the day like middle of the month. Because OMG that was when my whole life changed. That was when ME changed. I just know. That is all. Will it ever just go to where I will forget and go hey Like Steve from the network reminded me today that it is anniversary and I forgot!! I dunno. But I guess keeping time is not some marker of improvement for me either. I am still doing therapy stuff at over 2 years...ok I won't do counting now lol. I think the meter just remembers the Me of before. I liked that Me. I miss her. I remember her. I like me now too. we are amazing now. But we lost lots. we remember. that's all.

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