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Spring is a challenging time of the year



For those that don't know I have stepped down from hosting Caregiver Chat. I was a chat host for eleven years but four years out from Ray's passing I thought it time to step down. I do miss it and think fondly of all the many people who over the years I have chatted to. A few of them are on my Facebook page so I do see what they are doing, but on Facebook we only put the highs,not the lows, so I hope that are all well and coping with life. I know as a caregiver that life is not easy as I often struggled with Ray's care needs but for a stroke survivor it is forever a part of your lives and I do respect that.


Caregivers, please support Host Sally as she needs to be busy, sitting waiting for someone to come into chat is boring so if you can drop by for a few minutes on Tuesday nights I am sure she would appreciate that. I used to be a telephone counselor on the "Lifeline" phones, Lifeline is a suicide line but dramatic as that sounds our main callers were the lonely. They had a problem filling in time and when I was on Thursday nights I would have regular callers. I know how bad loneliness can be, it can lead to depression and other illnesses. You need never be lonely, reaching out to someone solves that problem and on this site there are many ways of doing that, blogging, posting and chatting being the main ones. So if you are lonely reach out to people who understand.


It seems Spring is full on this year. We are having cool nights and warm days, the weeds are outstripping the plants in the garden so gardening has become somewhat of a chore. Weeding has never been my favorite occupation. But I love the Spring blooms, never underestimate the beauty of a red geranium against a green lawn and a bright blue sky. Some years there is no Spring and we go straight to summer so I am appreciating the continuing of the cooler nights, when summer does come we will want them back. I have been to some of the beach cafes but it is too cold for me in the water to swim until December so looking forward to having some summer soon.


End of year functions have started appearing on my calendar and friends who say "see you soon" may be disappointed that I can't fit everything in. It is a good problem to have when you are a widow. I have found loneliness a problem particularly over the first two years when my family were wide spread and I didn't have a lot of companionship. Now some of my old acquaintances are back in touch and that is good and I have filled my life with busyness so I have a variety of things to do in my life. it is not the ideal existence but it is not too bad either. Being a widow can be an isolating situation but if you move forward a little at a time new things do come into your life and make it better.


I have a man friend I go out with once or twice a week, day time only as he has leukemia and tires mid afternoon. Most days he drops me home at 4pm as he has medication to take before dinner, that's a problem for us old folk...lol. It is a friendship I am learning to appreciate. It is good to have a day out and rain, hail or shine we find somewhere to have lunch and somewhere interesting to go. He is a collector ( read hoarder) and loves the second hand shops and charity shops and I don't mind browsing around and we both enjoy a walk so plenty to do. I met him at a nearby church market and now he comes to our market at church too so I get to sit and talk to him for a while there. He is very different to Ray but in a way similar to my Dad so it is an easy relationship.


And so life goes on with it's ups and downs. I am keeping in good health at this point in time so I am grateful for that. Church is a bit full on as I seem to be second in charge of a few of the groups, I don't mind being a backup just don't want it all to fall on my shoulders. I do lead one of the Sunday services so I have a permanent commitment to that. I guess things change slowly and that service will be reviewed after Christmas so I may have more free time then. On the whole life is doable :) .


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Guest lwisman




Thank you for the time you devoted to caregiver chat. I am sure it helped a lot of folks.


I have to admit I am a bit jealous of you beginning spring. At this time of year I wish I lived in your hemisphere! It is getting colder and colder here.



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Sue, many thanks for caring not just for your late husband but for others affected by stroke who flock to this web site. I truly wish you the best of everything as you move on to the next chapters of your life. Just be sure you live it to the fullest. Take care.

--Ron Alridge

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Thanks Lin and Ron, I am not deserting the site, I will be on here as Blog Moderator for a while yet.  I hope that benefits people too.  I love the Blog community and have benefited greatly myself from the wisdom shared here. Hope you will both continue to post and comment as it really helps when someone else appreciates the situation you are currently experiencing.

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