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Giving a friend an opportunity to smile during a dark day



A good friend of mine has been sick for a couple of weeks a couple of her children as well as well I had to top it all off on Monday afternoon her mother passed away I sent her a message today offering my condolences and I did tell her if you need anything you let me know although I don't know how much assistance I can be I have no money I travel by bus I can't see and I walk really slow

She is one of the regular bus drivers I see on a daily basis I'm sure she said she sent a response back and I know she was laughing so I'm glad I was able to put a smile on someone's face during these dark days I understand how hard it is to lose a parent if I can poke fun at myself and put a smile on someone's face that's a beautiful thing

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Jay sometimes all yo u can do is express your condolences so they know there are people who respect what they do and feel empathy with what they are going through.  You did good!

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