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A good status change



I've been waiting to see if my change of physical status was a transitory thing we get from time to time or more long term. Seems at this point it may be more of a long term healing effect.


Every since this started my right side has been weak and very prone to uncoordinated movement. However, for the last couple weeks my right leg has been more coordinated and controlled in its movements which means my gait is immensely improved. I have to temper that with how quickly I degrade when fatigue sets in. My CPS remains but with more control of my leg the skin isn't rubbed by the clothing as much. Take those two together and I have doubled my endurance, not that it was impressive before but I can now walk longer before I start into the zombie shuffle (hey it's Halloween). Time will tell how this works out but I'll take any increment of improvement, it gives hope to the wife and I about the tomorrows.


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You just have to keep working on it. Yay for positive changes!  Finger's crossed (on the had that doesn't do other things anyway) that the gain remains with you. It's amazing how little things can make a huge difference to your overall abiliities.


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