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The evening started off just like any other evening. But on this particular night the sky painted itself with an array of pink, salmon, lilac, gold, orange, and vanilla. We sat and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, and a fruit cup all while we admired the continual changing colors of the sky. While we sat next to one another both of us were speechless. We just looked and awed at the masterpiece that was laid before us. Simply it took our breath away.


It has been a while since I typed words…my only excuse, as a caregiver, is that I have been focusing on my stroke survivor…With that I want to talk about a spiritual moment that brought me to my knees. As some of you know my husband has had a second stroke and with that we have been set back a few months with his recovery. Yet, my husband continually keeps his positive outlook and works very hard with his therapist to achieve success. It is a beautiful thing.


Meanwhile, I am a believer in nature and the laws of attraction that suggest there is life in everything through out the universe. It implies we should embrace all that is positive. So every chance I get I plan a trip with my stroke survivor and take him out doors.


On this one particular weekend it was one that held no significance nor were there any plans that called for our RSVP. So, I like so many other times in the past loaded my husband up in the van and planned an outing to the lake. Let me note that stating this activity is easier said than done. As a caregiver the best plans can easily crumble. None-the-less, I move forward like it is a nonchalant activity in which we do with great ease.


Fortunately, we have a park near by that has catered to the handicap. There are concrete sidewalks in which we can wheel my stroke survivor to a picnic area in which we can sit and watch others coming and going with their boats. Of course boating is something we, ourselves, used to do but under the circumstances no longer can take a boat out on to the lake. Be it what it is…we still enjoy watching people. There is a peace somehow in watching others.


Tonight, we sat on the picnic pier and eagerly watched the sun set.


It was almost like that moment in a scene from a movie called City of Angels. A romantic movie that starred Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage which shed light on the connection between the after life and those still living. In that movie the spirits that past on still went to watch the sun set unbeknownst to humans. Those that had past on to the after life stood on the side each evening and just watched the sunset. Yet, there was one living individual who knew and showed Nicholas Cage, a ghost, that he could fall from being an angel and live as a human. Somehow the movie seems over the top with ghost and or angels living among us but educational in that we take so much for granted. That movie jetted through my mind as my stroke survivor quietly observed the sky darkening.


Suddenly, I became aware while the sun disappeared that each of us watching the sun set on the pier that evening were the same. I, my stroke survivor, the children playing on the swing set, the men fishing, the boat captain of a small vessel, the family of five and the young couple hugging all stopped for a moment and simply watched the sun set.


We, all of us at the lake, in that moment, were one and the same. We, in that moment, were like the angels. We, in that moment had no handicap. We, in that moment were one…


Certainly, it was a site to behold…So, I suggest to you, my readers, the next moment or day that you can stop to witness the sunset…please do so, and join me, a caregiver, in becoming one alongside all stroke survivors…if only for a moment…to forget about a handicap…and get lost in a sky painted with an array of pink, salmon, lilac, gold, orange, and vanilla…

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Wow, there are those breath-taking moments in our life that happen rarely but leave us with a new insight.  And what you have said here as well as being well written is also heart touching.  Thank you.

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