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Moving Forward




With Thanksgiving coming up this week, I have had to reflect on all the things I have to be thankful for. Despite the fact that this has not been a good year for us with the loss of my Mom in February and our youngest son in June, we still are blessed to be here and doing okay......not great, but okay works for me!


While suffering from the depression that goes along with grieving, I did an awful lot of stress eating, wasn't sleeping well, and experiencing some very intense knee pain. I had to do something before I hit rock bottom. After my visit to the rude ortho Dr. for my knees, I knew I was on my own and it was up to me to get the weight off in order to take pressure off the knees. I had gone back to doing the WW online, but found it too easy to get off-track with my weird sleeping patterns and stress eating. I finally contacted a hypnotherapist to help me with managing the stress, as well as getting better rest and changing my eating habits. I am happy to report that so far - 2.5 weeks into this, I've lost 12 lb. While I have a long way to go, I am learning to relax, take the time to wind down and go to my happy place, and eat only when I am absolutely hungry and have to nourish my body. I am planning on taking a veggie tray and fruit tray for the Thanksgiving dinner at our son, Joel's place on Thursday. I know there will be at least a few healthy options for me, as well as the smoked turkey (he's cooking at least four of them) that he will prepare on his new smoker. They are expecting around 50 people for the dinner.


This past week, I finally got around to deleting Dan's facebook account, as I felt his friends and family had all been informed of his passing and had time to reflect on the memories. It was a tough one, but I also got in contact with The Alliance of Hope support group online where I can meet other people who have lost loved ones in the same way. It helps to be able to relate to people in similar situations, as I have here with the caregiver support I have received from other caregivers. I have not posted a lot of details here about Dan as there are restrictions, but if you care to read the post on the other site, you can find it at: Alliance of Hope.org under introductions - I am logged on as SarahR.


Christmas shopping is started and I'm hoping to get the Colorado kids stuff in the mail by the end of next week. I also ordered me a new exercise tool - simply fit board - so anxious to try it out and see how it works. I may not be able to go to the Friday night dances at the clubhouse, but I can twist away on my new exercise board in my own living room or family room and not worry about how silly I look. lol


Gary still enjoys his short trips to the casino for breakfast a couple times a week, and his outings with Kelly to the pool hall here in the park. She says he still is able to beat her at pool most of the time, even though she helps him a lot. It gives him something to look forward to when she is here, aside from her showering, dressing and feeding him.




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Sarah, I  am glad you feel as if you can move forward now, it is not easy after a couple of deaths in the same year as I well know.  I just passed four years since Mum died on the 19th so know the pain dulls but never dies.  Good work with the dieting and the exercise, you'll be just a shadow of your former self when I see you in February.  (((hugs)))

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Sarah, I am so please that you  are making a positive effort to get on with your life.  I applauder you. great news about losing weight, keep on trucking girl.. 


love and hugs 



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Thanks giving day is just over the hill so I hope all of us have a wonderful time being at home with the rest of our families as we give thanks for what we have and how far we all have come from where we were at one time not so long ago either......

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We all got so much to be thankful for with the fact that we are still here and able to communicate with each other......

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Sarah, I think of you often. I wish there was something that could be said or done. Mourning is tough. I sure wish the very best for you. Nancyl

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So sad to lose a son so soon.  You have a wonderful family support and friends who can help you.  I know you will continue to be the best caregiver for Gary. Please take care of yourself.  


Praying for you and your family,



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