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Making lemonade



I know you understand when I say I'm making lemonade when God gives you lemons you make lemonade every day I realize more and more how blessed I really am to have survived for my stroke and I'm able to read this guy was able to ReDiscover the poet deep within me that I pushed aside all those years ago because of life I'm writing on average two to three Palms day and I'm having so much fun with it of course I love doing the volunteer work at the hospital I met a new Survivor last week of course ice introduce myself and said hey how are you today and she says well considering I had this stroke and I can't use my left side I said well I'm a stroke survivor myself and if she almost cried she said yeah I've never known anybody that has survived a stroke I was just sitting here wondering what lies ahead for me I told her with hard-working and determination there are many possibilities for her just as well I want to be able to walk like you do I said you know what with hard-working and determination you may end up being better than me I did tell her to that there's always room for improvement I've noticed this last week my walking has improved tremendously God bless you all let us all make a difference everyday doesn't matter how big or how small let's try to make the world a better place one person at a time it may involve only saying good morning to somebody but we can make a difference


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Jay, thanks for your thoughts and the work you d to make a difference to people who have suffered strokes,there should be a medal for what you do.

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Thanks sue but I get something much better than a medal I get a tank you or better better yet when I when someone tells me" you give me hope" what a blessing to be able to give somebody Hope just by stopping and talking with them.

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Jay :


you are such a blessing & nice person to be around. you deserve all happiness in a world cause you choose & distribute happiness wherever you go & meet.




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