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Mocking My Friend



Today I heard a cna mimicking this lady who calls scuze me I wanna go back to my room. She aches hurts in her wheelchair during activities that she also lost interest in. She had a stroke and her hand is in a brace.She is warm and waves her beautiful good hand at her friends she sees down the hall as she sits in front of nurse station. I help her at bingo. She likes to win. But the whole time she says thank you. But sometimes they scold her telling her to wait until this or that is over for someone to take her to her room. They roll people out for attendance at their stuff. But when I heard a loud mimicing and laughing over a womans serious plea to go to a place of her choice when she decides...well I sometimes cannot stay silent. I walked over to my door just as the gigling fool passed mu door and I called her immature for mocking a patient. The hall cleared. the guy polishing floors. the nurse passing meds at the mobile computer. the other cna standing around. The woman turn red in the face and stuttered she just wants to go to her room. Avoiding she was called out.


I then waved to my beautiful friend who never leaves her room without her hat with a flower on it. She did not hear the comotion. she just saw me at my door and waved.


My pain goes up with cold and rain or did the RFA really help?


Hot water on my leg feels good.


Menopause night sweats haunt me but I love my cozy blanket. The woman who gave me the fuzzy double cozy blanket came to visit and was pleased to see I love and use it.


They keep touching my leg. I am lost in pain sometimes. A young new nice nurse commented on seein I have some good days. others not. I am begging for shots again. sometimes. I am told to myob when I speak up for my roommate. I have my own hall to deal with believe me. oh nice word play.


Dear diary I need to pick out new athletic shoes. The choices!


Too much pain makes me cry feel sad sleep.
No one knows what to do with me. I will never be silent when there is unkindness. how dare she. she is also immigrant accent and she generates talk too and I do not pass that.Bullying in nursing homes. Who exposes that.


The ombudsman is a yesman.
I just smile when any state or health people are here and all is on best behav.


I sleep dream I make valentines with my kids. I wanna share valentine cards with candies here. I will get some tomorrow.


Trying to function btween the pain.


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I'm glad you don't stand for unkindness next time the state are the health people are in look for an opportunity to tell them what's really going on I'm sure they're all aware that staff are on their best behavior when they're in it happens everywhere be strong my friend God bless you and God bless your family and your friends in that Hall hole

Jay Allen

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My question is that when the hall cleared, were they expecting you or the CNA to go off?I'm surprised that the nursing Sup didn't rush over to see what was going on. Make a formal complaint to the nursing home. I wonder what would have happened if the woman had heard the aid? Maybe said aid needs to get a job that's more entertaining, so that she won't have to make up her own. Becky

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