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Gratitude...Friday and Saturday



I missed a day again so here goes:


1. I am thankful I still have a few friends that care about me even if they don't call.
2. I am for my vacuum because believe it or not my kitty loves to be vacuumed and this surely cuts down on flying fur.
3. I am thankful for fresh berries because nothing tastes so fresh and delicious.
4. I am thankful for my medication because without it I would be a whole different person in a bad way.
5. I am thankful my neighbors who have been so kind to me.
6. I am thankful for Landlor and friend because he has been so flexable working with us during such a hard time.
7. I am thankful for the memories I have of me before the stroke. This has been a hard one. At one time I wished I didn't remember but they help me strive a little harder.
8. I am thankful for my team of therapists who literally helped me stand and walk on my own two feet. I learned so much from all of them.
9. I am not thanful that I endured a stroke but I am thankful for how I look at my immediate world differently now. I appreciate things I never thought about before.
10. I am thankful for the birds and squirrels that visit my yard every morning because kitty loves to watch them as much as I do.


Today is Sunday so I will have to try and remember to come back tonight and write todays gratitudes.

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Tracy :


once again beautiful gratitude list, once you start doing this things you realize  you don't need much to be happy in life, & happiness is a choice. Being grateful for everything in life does make life fun.



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