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Do You See Me?



Here's a poem I wrote yesterday....sorry if it it long.


Do You See Me?


Do you see me. Look here...right here. I look to your eyes searching for an answer. You look at me, or is it through me. I feel like a ghost, unseen yet in your path. Then, it happens...you walk past me or is it through me. Either way, I am but a shadow of who I used to be. Behind you I follow and tell you I'm fine. Just a lingering dark shadow behind your lit face. It's the light, then you, then me. If you only you looked back then you could see. See..."HERE BEHIND YOU!" I shout loud and clear. You just keep walking silently. I watch you and shudder from the noise all around. I'm scared and alone...just praying you'll see me. To put your hand out and catch me if I fall... or save me from my broken, loud world. It all moves past me so fast; I can't breath. I'm shaken and frightened at every turn. Praying my path, your path...will lead me into calm. Every day I fight just as hard. Today is no different as you walk in the light. Behind you I'm waiting. Look back at me. You look but all you see is a shadow...cast from the light I never see.


Tracy Miller 2-15-17


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Sorry if it's kinda dark and lonely poem but I have felt this way at moments after. This is a way for me to get it out. I used to write poetry all the time. Trust me I am a big amateur so I have no Idea if I follow "the right way" lol.

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i do like it tracy. and knowing the little I do of the you it transcends a collection of words and becomes both a shout and a plea.


may you forever have "no idea of the right way" !



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Tracy that is so beautiful and expressive.  I do hope that writing it down helps you to deal with this feeling.

I agree with David,  "may you forever have "no idea of the right way" !"



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Thank you Heather. Writing poetry is something I have enjoyed for a long time but have only recently been able to pick it up again. Writing from a pain point of view helps me to be so expressive and it really does help to release it.

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Thank you so much and since I have talked with so many of you I don't feel alone. That was the one feeling that I think changed for the positive for sure when I became a member to this site.

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