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I thought my world was going to change



All was good as I was checking my emails and other computer stuff when as suddenly as I'm writing this, my head began to spin and I started to sweat so naturally I think I'm having a stroke. Why? Well I was on heperin  for my surgery and  you know you always have the risk of developing blood clot so naturally my brain went there. I've had more invasions surgery in the past and never once thought of this. So I called my mom, since she had this procedure done last year and she lives .5 miles up the road. "Have you ever felt funny after your surgery?" ,I asked. She said;"Funny like what? Do you want me to come down?".. "YES" so she came down and in that short time I grabbed a protein shake, which I shouldn't have until at least tomorrow. Immediately,  I began to feel better. My Mom walked in and I explained how my head was spinning and I started to sweat so I was certain I was having another stroke. What it turned out to be was dehydration and hunger but mainly dehydration.  See you can only drink so much and you are supposed to 'sip' throughout the day and ..well I've not been for a fear of drinking too much I throw-up. It's crazy to think of a stroke before you think of a logical explanation.    Whew..  i feel better so tomorrow my mom and I are having Butternut squash soup. ..


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you shoul keep jug filled in your room & mke sure you drink atleast 8 glasses of water every day whether u r thirsty or not
















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yeah Asha, I have my phone set every 30 mins and I have to sip at least 32oz a day.. whew.. I know now and my mother calls to remind me :)

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I'm glad you are ok!   I would like some of that Butternut Squash soup please!   I always add a little cinnamon & pinch of cloves to mine, and maybe a dolip of Van Almond milk!

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