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Post rehab regression?



Real quick question I met a gentleman at the hospital followed him to a long-term rehab facility got to know him and his family quite well he is now home and his wife is frustrated with her perception of regression simple question since my memory is so bad of what what I am what happened to me as soon as I got home from Inpatient Rehab is there a is it normal to have some regression in the progress moving from a structured facility to home? This caregiver is really struggling right now I'm trying to help her anyway I can I have advised her to check out this website I'm not sure if she said taking the opportunity to do that or not thank you so much for any assistance you can give me even an email address that I could share with her that she could talk with a fellow caretaker I'm fine talking with her husband because we're both stroke survivors from caretakers perspective I have no idea


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Hi, I haven't run into you for quite some time.  It's interesting that you said it's the caregiver's perception of regression.


Your question is difficult because you could look at it from 2 very different points of view


1) maybe he is regressing.  While in the long-term rehab facility, he would have had a routine to follow, the company of other rehab patients, and possibly became comfortable being "institutionalized".  I know that may be hard to imagine, but it can happen.  He would have had to adjust to being in the rehab, and now has to adjust again to his return to his home.  In your opinion, is he continuing to do the type of exercises that he needs in order to continue making some progress with speech or the use of his limbs on the affected side?


2) maybe it's a misperception by his wife, the caregiver.  She may be overwhelmed with her role now.  She's "frustrated" and "struggling".  Is it possible that she may wish that he was still in the rehab where she would visit him daily, but then go home without the responsibilities she now has?


It's easy to understand why you're uncertain; both could be occurring.  You're in a tough spot, and it's great that you're encouraging her to seek advice from other caregivers.  I can't think of anything else that you could do to help her.


Take care :smile:

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An 'FYI' for you, there's a physical therapist available on this site that might be able to answer your questions. (Under the drop-down 'Quicklinks' there's a link going to, 'Ask The Expert.')


My best guess, (It would be a guess) is that regression is pretty common. 5268.gif



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