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Mothers Day



I helped a woman here get a free cell phone smart phone that the government pays for service. It is really nice. arrived fast. Now she comes to practice learn to use it. She calls for me to visit with her. Her son cut off her phone service among other problems. She is heartbroken. She was thrilled to learn she could have a phone independently.


It is not like mine but I consider why I do not use that one. We have a nice family plan. It connects us. We share movies and amazon. I 

I love we do this together. So I am sorry thiss woman is alone. so now she has her own phone. Another lady ordered it. I have given the info out. I am glad there is a program. no one here gets the info from staff. anothe lady told me.


now you know. about CA anyway.


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I visit many and yesterday they came to see me. but my roomie does not get changed enouh

so we meet outside. bu I so glad to have visitors. my old people not come now. they in life. I am limbo between life and death. useless.

but a nurse here alwaus buys the new nail polish I have. then says oh look you will like. but wait look i have it used last week showed you! ok so this happene last 3 bottles I bought. today i putting on a brown different from pink red I use. we will see...........lol

she is young nice looks better on her but i try fix up. death will find me with it. I use retin A cream. helps my skin wonderful. any tips can help. we share. I love tips.

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Anyway we hope to communicate with our kids on mothers day. we share that in common. so I help with that.success. I help roomie but not success. she is confused. she thinks this is a cruise. her daughter calls but she does not answer the phone. she thinks it is lost or not charged

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Pam, some of the things you say make me so sad, like the woman whose family cut off her phone.  I visit in a couple of nursing homes so I know some of his stuff happens here too.  I took some adult colouring books to one the other day, someone gave them to me to see if anyone wanted them.  People are kind but so few want to visit in nursing homes.  I love your exotic nail polish, my Mum loved gold or glitter and one of the nurses bought her some.  I was buying red but she went off red at that stage...lol.  It takes so little to do someone a kindness.

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Oh Sue I am so glad you shared some coloring] books. I know your gift of caring helps. 

oh yes getting pretty helps!And yes we finally can wear somthing bedazzled.

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I love that you are Sassy. My church goes to the Nursing homes, but only at Valentines day. So I went to a nursing home offering my time, since that is what I can offer, I was turned down. I did not mind if they did a background check. I love the way  some cultures  respect their elder's. I go too a center, I have got so much wisdom, and laugh. Time we treated  our older generation, and the disability's better.


Love and Hugs


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Yvonne They do not want volunteers to see or report what goes on in these places me tinks sometimes.


I am thankful for your respect and generosity. I hope you reap rewards of being needed and even loved. There is one volunteer that one woman has and she helps her gets new glasses and things this place should do but fails to. That person is so loved. I love her too. She restores my belief in mankind. Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause. Here I believe in Satan and evil too. And the war of good.


It takes little love to help someone else be kind see love bloom. but beware fox after a duck somewhere.

I try show the bitter that some love just because and some help to balance the justice.

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