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my ah-ha moment



Well I have a life coach I talk with every now and then and he asked me tough questions. that make me think. Take an honest look at myself. The kicker is I spent three years in therapy to figure out why I am who I am but it was overshadowed by my stroke, then it changed to cognitive thinking to make a more positive recovery.  He was asking me questions and while I was explaining my why's..you could see that I answered it happened..... A-HA. realization ... THE TRUTH became clear.We now have a better understanding of what is going on. I'm thankful however I'm in the middle of an internal battle of minds. The new me, or since the stroke, is more easy going and generally a happy positive person. However, somewhere in my brain is telling me , the old me, is holding on to certain parts of my life that causes me to struggle with confidence and other things. I just have to change my thinking and let go of the past. I've said this exact same thing before to myself and that shows you that my two brains that are arguing with each other. 

  They say that someone who normally is outspoken or gives the illusion of confidence and unfortunately I go back into that mindset.  So next time we talk, we are going to go something called NLP (  Neuro-linguistic programming)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming#Main_components_and_core_concepts I'm excited to change my thinking. Once I find out more I'll share :) 


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Sounds good Kelli.  I know I often wish I could go back to the time before Ray stroked and start again but then I have learned so much since that I would lose. And I can't imagine living without all of the friends I have made because of the strokes and our life-changing experiences. Life is never as simple as I would like it to be.  Good luck with the Neuro-linguistic programming, I hope it works for you.

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Hi Kelli,


I (tried) reading the link, and can't seem to process the information. :cry:  When you do find out more about NLP, I'd love it if you could explain it in a different, possibly easier way?





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Hi Kelli, same problem as Susan.  That's heavy reading!  The little bit I did read as well as the topics in the "Main components and core concepts" had me interested enough to bookmark it.  Thanks!

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