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Sucess - well that's what I'm calling it



This is tiny update to boast.


I finally did my first "run throughs" at Running Group on Monday.  I've been going to Running group since Dec 2015 so it's taken 18 months to meet this first part of the goal. It's now just over 12 months since the cast came off after my leg surgery. I still can't really get up on my toes, so this was probably not really running which actually needs "flight phase" but it's a good approximation and starting point for improvement. So I'll call it "running"


"Run throughs" means  that they put a gait belt on you and then you "run" with little steps, as much on your toes as you can down the hallway (about 10 metres) with a therapist holding the gait belt just in case and helping you with rhythm. The aim being to eliminate the "gallop" rhythm that most stroke survivors have where the bad leg hesitates between pairs of steps. this is all about consistent fast twitch muscle response. I did 4 runs and each was a bit better than the last one.



So there's still a very long way to go but ... :happy-dance:


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Asha I would not be game without the expert help from the Program.  It's called "Return to Running after Brain Injury" and was designed by a Specialist Physiotherapist here in Melbourne. He runs it through the outpatients service at one of our Hospitals.  They offer 3 group sessions each week, I can only get to 1 a week as I work full time, they recommend you do 2 sessions a week, but as I also do homework with my gym trainers that's considered sufficient.  The group is divided into 2, beginners work in the physio department with specially designed exercises to increase strength, balance and coordination as well as to develop fast twitch muscle responses, the more advanced group works outside either in the carpark or at a local park, working on stamina, agility drills and general technique.

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