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what adventure week full of high ups & lows



I sometime forget that I am stroke survivor & try to do things  beyound  my limit., but when something needs to be done I push myself & do more things I ever did prestroke or post stroke for that matter, so had to pay price for it, luckily no damage just day spent in ER & came home to get more checking done on monday. Anyway last week I met my grade school friend after some 20+ years & day before & after had family reunions to attend, so had lot of fun in all events, stayed long hours up to make food for party & guests coming at our home. So anyway after all that ended my body also gave out & was feeling uncomfortable on my non affected side of body, so went to ER got it checked out nothing showed up at ER now have to do more testing on Monday hopefully it will be nothing, learn to treat my half body kindly just because I can do it, does not mean I should. anyway  there were extreme emotions on all days. this is first time all of my siblings were together. So it was very nice  & get together of all my extended family members are always memorable & on top of that meeting my school friend  made it sweeter, so visit to ER was good equalizer of the all positive feelings lol








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Hi Asha, hopefully no harm was done and you just need rest...let us know after your check-up on Monday.  Sounds like you had a terrific time at your family reunion...so fun!  


I don't know about you, but my grade school friends are more important to me than post-secondary friends.  Bringing back the memories of childhood, being a tom boy, talking about the fun, goofy things we did or thought, can't be beat!!


Love your positive take on it!  Take care :hug:

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Asha, we all do too much, you taught me that, so rest and relax now and things will turn out okay.  BUT you have all those new precious memories so it was worth the effort.

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