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Hurrican Harvey



William and I are a few of the fortunate ones.  We are high and dry.  Our little area was spared.  I am so glad.  I do not know how I would have handled having to evacuate with William.  I am very thankful.  We have been watching the news round the clock and it has been scary.  Today for the first time, I drove out to the grocery store.  The store was out of bread and eggs. Some of the produce was not available.  But, all in all it was a nice little outing.  I have been spending my time walking the dogs and quilting.  My YMCA was flooded and the parks that I walk to are flooded.  So, I just walk around the neighborhood.  We have had cooler weather.  Not the high 90's.  It actually is in the 70's at night and early morning.  This does not feel like summer.

one morning,. I gathered up all of the extra blankets and towels and some clothes.  But, I had nowhere to bring it.  A lot of the roads are not passable.  Besides the fact that I have to be available to take care of William.  I may just have to bring it to goodwill later.  Most of the shelters near me have all gotten all of the donations that they need and are not accepting any more.  People are so generous.  Lots of airlifts.  The road near us was a river and boats were constantly going on it.  Surreal.

we never lost power or had water damage.  We are on the hospital grid.  We live very near the hospital.  Houston needs lots of help to recover from this tragedy.


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Ruth I am glad you and William are safe.  Have you any news of Fred?  A lot of people are wondering if he is okay. We have bad floods in Australia some years and th generosity of the community in helping out always amazes me. Keep well.

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So happy you and William are safe Ruth.  There are so many people affected by storms now.  I don't know what I would do if we had to evacuate and take Larry in his condition.


Have you heard anything about Fred King lately?  I know he lived in Houston also.


Take care,


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