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Running Group Today - time to unlearn



I've just got back from today's Running Program Session.  This is the second one I've been to since the toe surgery. Last week I had pain after 3 sets of stairs so we had to stick to low impact, low stretch activities.  Today I started with 6 minutes on the cross trainer. followed by 10 sets of stairs with no discomfort at all. Did my total gym left leg squats and some "calf raises" also all fine so then we moved across to the mini tramp.  Once on the tramp Hannah got serious about getting me up on my toes. which I haven't been able to do for probably years. between the curly toes, spastic calf and calf surgery.  I felt like a real cltuz as I just couldn't do what she asked.  It turns out I've been compensating really well by using my knee rather than my ankle, but now she wants me to do it the right way (as physically it should be possible now). We eventually got me doing it by taking my shoes off and using the total gym at almost flat, with Hannah providing tactile feedback. It was so hard to do I was dripping with sweat and exhausted after just a few.  But I did it, now to make this the move the body wants to do rather than the other way.  Then I'll need to build strength again so I can do it with weight and gravity. I feel a bit like I'm back at square one, although I also know this is how it has to be done. and I'll get more from unlearning the bad habit. It's just always so hard to take a step back so you can move forward.


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Yes It is hard to break old habits. I know you of all people can do it. I fall a lot for a learned how to "roll" my walk in ROTC and I still do it and I am not able to keep my balance yet I still roll. ( the idea was when marching in formation, all the caps were in line and level) 

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Heather, you always give it all you've got, and then some!  I'm totally wowed about the perseverance you have.  Incredible, girl, keep at it...you influence others!                                                                                                   Strength shows not only in the ability to persist, but the ability to start over

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