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What a week!!



This past week has been the week from Hell.   I believe it started on Sunday when we had two Eucharistic Ministers stop by to give us communion.   We had to lock the puppy in the kennel while they were here because he gets so excited when anyone comes to visit, that he just doesn't calm down.   He sat in that kennel and yipped the whole time, which was very distracting and Gary had a hard time swallowing and began choking.   Monday didn't go much better.   I waited for Kelly to get Gary in the shower before I took off to run my errands and get a few groceries.   I decided to stop for breakfast at the local family owned restaurant first and take a little "me" time.   I came out of the restaurant, started up the car and noticed that a "low tire" light was on, so on my way to the grocery store I spotted a tire shop and pulled in to see if they could check my tires.   Most places can pull the air hose right outside and fill them, but the guy at this older garage asked me to pull inside the garage to do it.  I had to carefully pull in on one of those stupid ramps that I hate, he checked my tires and filled them all equally as they were all low.   When I went to back out, I had to step on gas harder to get over the end of that ramp and down the back side of it, and I ended up backing into a car that was just outside the door of the garage.  I had looked out side view mirror and back window but didn't see him.  The backup camera had a glare from the morning sun as I exited the garage, so I couldn't use it.   I got a nice ding in my back fender just below the tail light, but the other guys car was worse.  His driver's side door crunched in and he lost his side view mirror (I believe that's what made the ding in my vehicle).  I was so lucky he wasn't in his car or standing near it, but I sure wished I could have seen it before I heard it hit.    arrrrgggh.   


The next couple of days was dealing with insurance and repair shop.  I had to take it to Casa Grande on Wednesday for estimate and leave it there, and drive home in a rental car.  The tech at the repair shop kept trying to convince me I needed a new bumper as well as the ding repaired, and I told him I not only didn't want or need a new bumper (only a few minor scratches, barely visible) but I didn't want my car tied up in the shop waiting for  parts when the ding could be fixed without having to order parts.  I had a heck of a time trying to explain to him that with a disabled spouse in Gary's condition, I would not be able to get him in and out of a another vehicle if I had to get him out, so being without my vehicle for a long period of time would not be good for us.  All he cared about was $$$$ from insurance, I was wasting my breath.    I stopped at the grocery store on the way home with the rental car and had a difficult time getting out and back in it myself - can't imagine trying to get Gary in it, as it sits pretty low to the ground.   I could have asked for a SUV but then I'd have had to pay the extra that insurance didn't cover.   By the next morning I was still upset about the tech insisting that I needed a new bumper, so I called to talk to him.  I tried again explaining our situation and how it would be difficult having my car tied up that long, but was pretty sure it fell on deaf ears, even though he said he would try to push it ahead of schedule.


Friday morning I got up early and had planned to get out for a couple hours.  Shortly before 8 a.m. I let the dog out to potty, and when he didn't come back to the door within a few min. while I was cooking Gary's breakfast, I went to check on him.   I saw him standing on the side of the yard, staring into space and falling sideways like he couldn't control his legs.  I ran to get my shoes so I could walk across the rocks to get him, and he was down on his side staring up at me when I reached down to pick him up.   I carried him over to the shaded area of the patio and laid him on a rug next to his water dish and tried to get him to sip some water off my fingers.  His head dropped and he just wanted to lay down....he was totally lethargic.   I ran in to the house to call the vet and had to wait on hold till they checked to see if they could get him in.   I told the receptionist I couldn't bring him over until I had a caregiver here to sit with Gary, as I could not leave my husband alone.   She scheduled us for 9:15  and as soon as Kelly arrived to care for Gary, I headed over to the vet with the dog.  He checked him over carefully after I explained what had happened and he said from all indications, it appeared he had a seizure, but that they don't give meds for seizures to dogs that young.   He said keep an eye on him, keep him comfortable and if it happens again in next few days, call them.   I brought the dog back home and left him with Kelly and Gary so I could get a few groceries.   He was back to his normal ornery self within 24 hours.


While I was out I checked my messages just in case Kelly discovered something else I needed that I might have forgot to put on grocery list.   I had a text from the repair shop that my vehicle would be ready 10/10/17.....that's 2 weeks after the date I took it in for a small ding.........are you kidding me???   I was really upset but figured the more I complained, the longer they would drag it out and I was pretty sure he was determined to go ahead and put a bumper on it in spite of what I wanted.   Then I got a call around 12:30 from the tech who told me they were pushing to get it done by late that afternoon and might have it ready by 6 p.m.   I asked Gary's caregiver to stay a couple extra hours and when I didn't hear back from him by 4 p.m., figured it would be too late anyhow as I would still have to return the rental car before 6 p.m. if I drove over to get my car.   He called around 6:30 to say they were still working hard to get it done but don't come on Sat. as they won't have it painted yet, so Monday was looking like a better day to pick it up.   They had already cost me another $75 for Kelly's extra three hours, so I was glad I didn't have to hire her to come on Sat. and then find out it wasn't ready.   Who knows what Monday will bring?!?   Insurance will pay for the rental car till Tuesday, but after that it's out of my pocket, so hopefully Monday is the day............keeping fingers and toes crossed.


Yepp, I guess you could say this was a pretty crappy week overall......here's hoping for a better week and month ahead.





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That does seem to be how it goes in life. When you can't cope with more you get lumped with everything at once.  Hang in there :) I've had that discussion with the panel shop myself. Thankfully they were a bit more accommodating than your guys seem to be although it sounds like your 2 weeks has become 4 days so maybe someone heard you.  In my case being the strokee and completely dependent on my car to get around they got the parts in before I left the car with them.  I can't use a hire car as I have to have special controls fitted and hire cars don't do that.

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Sarah I guess we've all had those weeks but it is harder for you as your car is set up especially for Gary.  I don't know why these things happen so always just try to live through them and hope there are better times ahead. Sorry that your new pup has seizures, not the news you wanted or needed right now.

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