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proud to be American citizen & my mom



my 75 year old mom finally became US citizen after living in this country for more than 15 years. We all have become US citizens long time back, mom did not since she can understand English  but can't speak. So was kept on procrastinating, finally we were able to convince  her that she can give exam with interpreter and give it a try. so finally she agreed & gave exam, my mom is very smart & hardworking woman all her life, gave exam & passed with flying colors. all three of us siblings went with mom for her interview & oath ceremony. I vaguely remember mine. I felt this ceremony was more poignant & beautiful, agent talked about how US as melting pot & each immigrant who decided to come in this foreign country after leaving all that they knew in their home country behind & made US as their home. As an immigrant they brought their culture, food & some of that rubbed on people living here before them & some of the American's culture rubbed on these immigrants, so its one big melting pot, there was president Trump's welcoming speech & then pledge of allegiance & our national anthem. This was most beautiful ceremony & I felt so happy & proud to be in this new motherland which has given us all love & allowed us to make home away from home. I had to thank INS officer for wonderful service they did of-course it choked me up, though it made her very happy too.


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Beautiful thank you for sharing more people need to understand that we are a country of immigrants the beauty of that great Melting Pot

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I came to Australia from England with my parents and sister at the age of seven.  I didn't need to become a citizen as I had permanent resident's status but when I decided to do so in 1988 it seemed like a great thing to do, to become an Australian like my husband and children.  I was touched by the ceremony too.  It is good to part of a country you love.  Congratulations to your mother Asha, you are right to be proud of her.

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