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hi there just to let you know still want you to keep on tring



well, as you know itshalloween . time for a lot of trick or treat, and not only that but time to start on your schedule to get better and to work harder remember it never stop as long as you keep at it weither it be walking, or just exercise, as the nike slogan goes just do it . I'm rooting for you don"t give up just keep on keeping on just do whatever you are comfortable doing , for me it is walking still walklots not running as yet but I am sure it will just take time it is all about positive thinking so just get out there and get going


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Hey Lenny :


so good to see you back, happy halloween to you too, life is all about keep on trying new things & never giving it up. always step out of your comfort zone that's where you grow. I am still around lot of positive changes in our life too, recently moved to new home, our son is in third year of college still making us happy & proud. life has its own way of giving some good days, some not, but unless you see night one will never appreciate day light. So enjoy life.





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