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*sigh* Politics




I know this is a topic that really causes anger amongst each other.  Well here it goes…


So I’m stunned by my friends and people who preach to me about morals.


If someone throws up a claim for sexual assault... it should be taken seriously. If you look at Hollywood and women accusing men of sexual assault for years. It started with Bill Cosby and some of these women recounted situations that happened decades ago and he was immediately labeled. I believe the women who came forward finally had the strength to speak up.  You look at Harvey Weinstein and the backlash he has rightfully been shown for the years and the women who owed him for boosting their careers and who felt ashamed to come forward for the fear of being black balled forever in pictures.

Then you have Roy Moore who is being accused of shameful acts with a teenager when he was in his 30’s and all you hear is “if” from most of government. IF he did it……. Why is governments slow to act? I don’t care which party you are with but we all must stand together and treat all accusers the same.

Many people, even our president ,have been accused of sexual harassment. And if you have the money, many women don't feel like they can fight back.

Clinton got impeached for saying he didn't have relations with Monica Lewinsky.. but when other people say it.. they are taken at face value.. I'm just confused. 


There is a divide in our country , even more than we once had, that is causing us to not see the facts for what they are and not a polarized thing.  When women have the strength to come forward, we should listen




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Well said.  It is shameful, that Women are still looked on has a piece of meat. to be touched, pulled, seasoning, and then put in a pan to be cooked. Politicians , are not known for they honesty, in England, a few of the Politicians have been seeking the "ladies of the night company". 

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It is terrible. I mean just look back in history and it was seen as pinching a woman or degrading her as showing a man's manly-hood and then if the "little lady" complained, why.... they were just reassured that just do your job and boys will be boys. Yes you see many women coming out and men who are appear to be good mannered gentleman, and most are good men, unfortunately it's the few that bruise the few. Things need to change

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