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Admin-- Any way to combine my blogs?



Ive managed to confuse myself - I have like 6 different blogs all with entries in them... no rhyme or reason except my own randomness- it there any way Admin could combine them into one that is just NancyL blog? 

Dan has been doing well ( as he can) he loves coming to my work and putting stamps on envelopes. It is a very precise process for him. It seems to give him a avenue for his OCD -- puzzles could do that for him, but , puzzles aren't "productive" - stamping is. lol I am very fortunate to have a boss who allows this, and its a balancing act to keep Dan at bay so he doesn't manipulate his way into it becoming daily... 


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Nancy :


I feel taking him to work & giving him simple jobs to do is brilliant idea, I know volunteering at work worked brilliantly for me. It makes you feel great for many reasons, 1. people appreciating your work makes one feel useful in life, helps rebuild your self esteem which hits rock bottom after job loss & you feel worthless. So let Dan keep coming to your work place, your boss might find something useful for him to do at work. & one more thing interacting with people smarter than you makes survivor also learn new things which r all great positives.




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Nancy as Asha said I'm sure this is a positive experience for Dan but I also agree with you that not making it a daily thing is wise. Your work needs to be a place were you have the power, at least when it comes to Dan's activities. He can't live with you because of his controlling behaviour, you must not let him take the power in your work place too.   You need the money and the "me" space.


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The only way I know would be to copy and paste the entire  contents from the blog set ups you don't want to keep into the one you want to keep and then delete them from the old blog entry by entry but  then you would lose the comments.Alternately you could just copy and republish on the preferred blog those entries you see as important with a historical note e g this was first posted  on 4th September 2016.

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