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I have read this but now know for sure being thankful or kind to others is gift to yourself




I have read about it, that doing gratitude journal  & being nice to others are easy happy feelings booster. I will  do my gratitude journal whenever I remember from time to time, but never knew even thank you letter can bring out such a great happy feelings. In my post stroke journey I have encountered ton of doctors most were very nice to us some had better bedside manners than others, but my cardiologist who sealed hole in my heart was way kinder to me & will always have special place in our heart. We are all very thankful to him, & today after 14 years when our son starts writing his  medical college application essay & he still remembers cardiologist who did innovative surgery on his mom with minimum downtime. It reminded us of great doctor with amazing bedside manners & who had  kissed me on my cheek during our consultation visit with my husband after listening to ordeal we had gone through & now came to him for alternative surgery instead of open heart surgery to fix that hole in my heart.

Anyhow sending him that thank you note made me feel so good, hope it brightens his day too. I can see power of being kind & nice to others is biggest mood booster. such simple tricks to do in life to be happy person.





























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I've just sent out thank you letters to people who helped me through my recovery after the cancer surgery. I like to say thank you when people support me as an encouragement and an expression of my personal gratitude.

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< We have a bulletin board to put up little forms "caught you caring" and at the end of the month they go into drawings for prizes. Once, my cna told me she won a $25 gift card because I gave her a paper in the drawing. yes I felt happy and proud I had shown my appreciation and the lucky stars honored my favored cna.

I hand in those forms monthly for those who show me moment of caring. I use colored pens,decorate with flowers and support this staff program. Yes,I feel great making others happy,appreciating them. Yes,I feel like I can be proud of who I am. This gives me happiness too.

I always cherished receiving gestures of gratitude too. Cards,candy, flowers, teacher things.

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I think that is so true Asha. I don't remember everyone who helped me after stroke but I have made it a point to continue to see the ones I do remember and my Psychiatrist is phenomenal! This makes me think do I thank him enough...or can I thank him enough. I sure want to let all of them know how thankful and grateful I am that once I was diagnosed they all stepped up to help me. Feeling grateful.

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