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Never a cool Yule



Tracy wrote in a reply to Janelle that it is hard to get her head around the fact that we in the southern hemisphere are in summer and a hot one at that. It makes the Christmas we have very different from what most of our readers are experiencing. And it is hard to imagine unless you can think of the Fourth of July and Christmas coming together. Then add mosquitoes, bush fires, heatstroke and crowds of people flocking to your town from the nearest big city and you are starting to get a picture of my kind of Christmas. Despite all of that we, the Aussies and those who have made Australia home, love it.


I did go to my daughter's place for a couple of nights, had a good time without too much trouble, enjoyed the Christmas Eve supper my grandson prepared and the lovely Christmas lunch my son-in-law cooked, going to church with the family etc. I got quite a collection of small gifts, the flavoured teas and  home made jams being my favourites. As the grandchildren are now 19 and 14 there wasn't the noisy excitement of younger children but it was still nice to see them open their presents.


My daughter drove me home late Christmas afternoon as they were heading off to see their other grandmother the next day and in a way I was glad to be home. The run-up to Christmas was very busy this year as I did extra shifts on the Lions Club raffle in our local shopping centre. One of our younger Lions had a stroke the week before Christmas and I replaced him as well as another Lion who finished up in hospital with pneumonia. We all push ourselves too much and end up with stress related illnesses if we are not mindful of the pressure. Anyway all that is behind me now.


So my word for this year is one I have had before - ENJOY. I aim to 🎉 celebrate the life I have regardless of the way the year influences my health etc. I am learning that I will only be happy if I plan to be happy. I can no longer guarantee good health, or prosperity or even what will happen from day to day so I just have to accept that. I am blessed with people who care about me whether they voice that or not. I found out through the journey of the last year or so that people express love in many different ways, through flowers, food, visits , phone calls and dropping by with a cup of my favourite coffee. And of course emails and comments on social media.


Some here are some thoughts for the year to come. Firstly to stay as positive as possible regardless of whether I feel lucky, happy or in control. Secondly to go on loving people and in  whatever way I can to help and support them. This will include keeping in regular communication with some people I have neglected this year. I found out just before Christmas that one of Ray's favourite cousins had died five months ago. I guess I need to still send letters but to follow up with a phone call if I do not get a response rather than doing nothing and getting bad news later.


I have a more exciting period coming up with a visit from my younger son Trevor and granddaughter Alice happening next week. I am not planning life for the next two weeks after that at all, I am sure we will be out and about, at the beach, visiting her cousins, having picnics and enjoying the summer. How my ageing body will stand up to that I don't know but enjoy it I will. That is a promise. And hopefully without negative results.


So I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year but if it doesn't turn out that way I wish you the strength to carry on anyway.


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As you no doubt know by now, it is going to be very hot next week. Keep the fluids up as you enjoy time with Trevor and Alice and take in a few movies in air conditioned comfort.


Elizabeth Carter

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Sue I just had thoughts of fireworks on the 4th of July in the snow. 😰 4th of July around here is filled with cookouts, outdoor get togethers, picnics, and bathing suits/sunscreen/the river/boating and shorts and tank tops. I've always wondered where to vacation in the winter...now I know it must be in the southern hemisphere (warm, sun filled days on the beach is my jam lol). Nothing too extreme...it does exist how easy we forget to remember when we have not experienced something. 🙂 Oh my goodness we'll have to exchange Christmas cards and other holiday cards! You know they will be so different! Awesome!

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Tracy it is heat, hot days and too warm nights, but I do fall asleep because I am tired.  In our area crowded car parks because we are a tourist spot about an hour and a half from the northern suburbs of Sydney. Our beaches are crowded with sun screen baked kids and parents with sunburned faces, but we don't care because tourists boost the economy. It is a great place to live.

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I have lived here all my life...fifth generation. Town is town...you know when you live somewhere there's nothing to see or do.


I have started volunteering when cruise ships come to town, and I'm amazed by how much there really is to do.

And the beaches. People can't get over our beautiful beaches and the footpath that goes forever, dotted with playgrounds and barbies.

I live in a lovely spot.

Just takes outsiders to remind me!

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I recently saw a collection of commercials showing the Christmas celebrations in AU. It was similar to, but not as hot mostly , when I lived in Florida. I can remember going to the beach on Christmas 😊

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🤔 I suppose it is called winter there when it is called summer here. LOL ok it's still hard for me to take in this fact. I thought about that because Janelle you said it was a hot summer but rained today. LOL it's silly I know, I do get it...our world is an interesting place. 🙂

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Very true Tracy, And we have Autumn not Fall as here only the imported trees are deciduous our winters are not usually cold enough that the trees need to "hibernate".  Right now it is Summer and I'm living at our family "cabin/holiday house" up in the hills outside Melbourne.  Thankfully no drought here like there is further north.  But I do have to watch the fire weather warnings and be ready to scamper back to town if it gets too hot and windy.  So far the nights have been coldish (5-15 C)(~40-65 F) but the days 25 (that's 80 in your crazy numbers) and up, we had one stinker with a hot north wind and max temp of 43 (~110) So mostly it's been very pleasant although you don't want to be outside between 2 and 5pm the UV is at extreme and sunburn is a given, and if there's a cool breeze or it's overcast you get caught so quickly.

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Heather I hear you!!! I live in the southeast of US...😰 weather/climate is just one of those things very disagreeable with me here. Winters are typically semi mild and above freezing but we get those severe northern dips in the jet stream that bring freezing rain, sleet, ice, snow, or just plain freezing temperatures. OUCH my fingers, toes, and joints. Spring and Fall are usually really nice...bright warming sunlight, flowers, a burst of green everywhere in the spring and crisp (usually bright days), mild everything, gentle breeze, sometimes chilly nights, and a spectacular view of trees bursting into reds, oranges, yellows, and browns as they get ready to shed their leaves in the fall. Then dreary winter...damp, windy, grey, empty, dead vegetation, less daylight, and cold snaps (southern talk lol) with to me dreadfully cold temperatures (sometimes winter precipitation) and tons more rain. On the opposite side...summer starts with typical 80 something degree weather, blue skies, green and lush...it then gets hotter and hotter and dryer and dryer. Typical July-August temperatures are in the 90's and almost every year there are moments of 100 degree heat. We also have crazy humidity during the really hot summer months. No typical southerner gets up without the use of their choice of deodorant/antiperspirant. You're gonna sweat here.😓 It's one of those "I feel like writing days 😁... hence the long post.

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