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Onehandcan: still here



I haven’t contributed to the strokeboard in a loooonnnnggggg time, but OneHandCan.com is still here.  I’ve been dealing with horrific, debilitating back pain for months and am now facing major back surgery sometime before year’s end.  My days usually go something like this...bed...recliner...bed...kitchen...recliner...bed... yes, KITCHEN!  That’s what’s keeping me going.  I love to cook and, although I have to rest numerous times in the middle of cooking a meal, using my One Hand CanDo Cutting Board allows me to continue to do what I have always found pleasure in doing, cooking and eating good food.  Can anyone relate?


Check out onehandcan.com and share your thoughts and experience with cooking post stroke.


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Nice to see you are still active in the kitchen. As we get older we can get less active so keep up as much activity as you can despite the back pain. The blog community is a great place to get support and share ideas.



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I feel your pain. Hobbys keep us in that zone where we almost forget our problems but pain is relentless so no shame rest stops are necessity. Glad you posted. We missed you and your can do spirit. Cooking is best gift. Food is so important. It nourishes heals comforts us. A good meal is priceless. Of course it is nice to share more fun cooking and eating together or making it for someone else but you have the right idea to nourish yourself first too. And not skimp when it is table for one.

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Sounds a lot like me doing something unless that something at the time is riding on my mower cutting grass. I've got many places to sit around here, garage, shed, basement. I take care of about an acre of my 2 1/2. That's part of my therapy.  When I've used up my 5 or 10 minutes of energy or whatever doing something I can sit. 3 aluminum folding chairs, 2 canvas lawn chairs and just anything else I can sit on and  take a load off if need be. Good luck with that back issue. That's extra unfair to have to deal with that on top of all else thrown at us. Hang in there Onehandcan stay strong and get this behind you.

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All the best with your back operation. 

Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later, and you can have less recliner time and more kitchen time!


Paul, I have a knife with a bent handle that you rock, not cut. It's given me so much more independence in the kitchen!

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Alansd, that’s terrific!  Finding tools that work for us is a big part of getting things done with our particular challenges. At onehandcan.com you can find a list of kitchen tools I find very helpful in the kitchen.  There may be something there that will work for you too.


Celebrate your triumphs, even the teeny tiny ones!



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Thanks, GreenQueen.  Surgery scheduled for mid-October.  The wait is okay because I need the time to get my head around the whole thing.  It’s a difficult, 2 day surgery and a long recovery.  I’ll be glad when it’s past tense,

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