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With this pandemic, I'm doing  my part,  I'm staying home.

I can no longer volunteer at the hospital, the local gyms are closed and the public libraries closed, all, until further notice.

 I miss being out socializing with others.  I really miss volunteering.

I miss my post stroke "new normal". I guess I need to create another "new Normal, with new daily and weekly routines.  I managed after my stroke in comparison this is a minor inconvenience.

I can still share with all of you.

be well stay strong.

Jay Allen 



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Jay, you will have to make your own fun. I have been home alone for a week and the days pass. I am rotating through my usual hobbies. Like you I really miss socializing but there is the phone and the computer and every day I ring someone or someone rings me. Weeks I can take, months I am not sure of. Nice to see you back blogging. 

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I understand Jay. I'm in self-quarantine for we, my mother and I , stayed at my sisters on my Florida trip and she called us on Thursday , when we were coming back early from the surge in Florida, to tell us she was in the hospital and had to be tested. IF that comes back positive, I was around my grandson, son and his fiance and family. UGH   We still think it's allergies or a regular flu 🤞 It is wise to stay put.

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I can intellectualize why I should stay put.

but being unable to talk to people is a challenge.

Thoughts and prayers to you and yours.

stay strong

Jay Allen

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Susan, at times I need to remind myself of the things I told. and will tell again, survivors I met/ meet through my volunteering.

We have made it this far, we are fighters, it's a different fight than before.  This Covid 19 virus has turned life upside down.  We managed to right the ship after our stroke.  We can and will do so again.

I don't like feeling unable to control anything right now.

I know this too shall pass.


Back blogging feels like home, the comforting words of others helps so much.


Jay Allen


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Living with my family, I guess self isolation is not really what I'm doing.


We are all homebodies, so I'm hoping it won't be too bad.


As I've said before though, there's a big difference between staying home and not being allowed out.

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So true, like when I decided my vision was too poor to drive.  It was my decision, nobody told me I couldn't.

I'm getting accustomed to being a home body.  Of course, my stroke resulted in cognitive impairment that precludes me from making sound executive function decision, like sequencing and planning ahead.

I'm unprepared but working toward the goal of acceptance, of the things as they are at least for now.

be well stay strong


Jay Allen

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