A Normal Hour




My early morning walk to the barn to feed our horses has always been a kind of datum line for my recovery. When I first got home this was a challenging limp which I was not allowed to take other than under the direct supervision of my wife and with the aid of hiking sticks. The other day it dropped to 9F (-13C) and I was moving at a slightly elevated rate of work to shorten the time and get back to the warmth of the house. It suddenly struck me as I went thru that regular routine that I was feeling completely normal. Sine then , once  I have booted the system with sufficient caffeine , that the first hour or so of motion is perfectly normal!


Now the morning routine has been repeated so often that my body seems to know exactly what to do. Other less routine tasks during the day may result in my doing a new move, which challenged my balance. These still result in a light headedness but it passes very fast. As I get into the day I get more fatigued and my motion goes back to what I describe as feeling like driving a car with worn and slack steering. If I get really tired than it gets definitely wobbly. 



Although very cold, when the sun has been up a couple of hours the hoop house is warm enough that we can get a little work done preparing for the coming year. I work till I feel my energy dropping and usually a couple of muscles feeling the strain = then stop. I have got better at pacing myself, pulling out rather than burning out! So now the challenge is to extend that fist hour to two.



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That's the challenge, isn't it?  Knowing how far to push and when to pull back. Kev, your determination is really inspiring to me and I find myself trying new ways to keep improving. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

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oh yes  doesn't the "performance" degrade when things start to tire.  My family know when I've pushed too hard because they see my walking quality obviously degrade. I notice it because my left foot doesn't clear the ground so well, and I can hear myself walk. (flappy foot). But you have to push those limits if you are going to see and keep gains you have made.

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