An Experiment in Camping



My Tenting Adventure - 2017 Summer


For your amusement...a fellow stroke survivor's first attempt at tent camping, posted here with his permission. Now you see why I have a tiny trailer, basically a bed in a box.

This was NOT ME. Name withheld to protect the funny frustrated one:

Well I did it 3 years and slept in a tent. All I can say is what an ordeal. I'll post photos on main site. Not really roughing it. Air mattress and power cord port in new tent.

Getting down no problem. Getting into sleeping bag easy the first time as had help. But Mother Nature thought I was enjoying this tenting. It’s a portioned tent. Daughter had zipped everything she could and was resting peacefully. Just getting to a position I could get off the air mattress would made for a comedy. I decided to crawl. That when I realize sleeping beauty has everything hunkered down for a storm.

Not familiar with this "door" I fumbled in the dark on my knees to open the door struggling with myself to have bladder control but the more a fumbled with zippers the laughter of Mother Nature could be heard.

Finally got this "door" open started crawling only to have left leg not clear the bottom and went face down in the grass. She's starting to laugh harder at me. As I raise myself back up my right hand now slips in the dew. Kiss the earth again.

Breathe and relax. I finally get myself out of the tent. Oops forgot cane. Struggle to stand without falling at same time pull my warmers down fight back the urge and I guess Mother Nature didn't think this was funny enough. Started tinkling. Even more frustrated. Finally relieved myself.

Seeing that it was shortly after midnight I decide to change my underwear. You got it there I am bottom naked using tent guy wires to steady myself. I'm sure if wife came out would of took one look and what in the hell are you doing.

I did text her for help but she must of been enjoying the bed to herself.

I finally got warmers on and crawled back into the tent. How the hell does this zipper work? The deck timer trips and the what light I had from the patio light is off. If I had my phone I could use the flashlight. I fumbled and try not to wake daughter amazed that she still sleeping after all this.

Finally get zipped up crawl back to my air mattress. Now fumbling around for my phone for some light. Found on the tent floor beside air mattress. Like it was meant to point out where my cane was.

Now to get back in sleeping bag. As you can imagine struggling when you have no deficits is hard enough and add the air mattress give I'm sure I must have looked like I was wresting with myself. Sort of comfy and feeling somewhat proud I did it. Checked watch and looks like this whole ordeal took an hour and a half.

Resting now almost asleep and some little girl lets one rip. Like it was the starting signal to you have to go again. I did learn quite a bit the second round. Cane in hand and cell phone in pocket. Managed to go this time in under 10 minutes.

I don't know how you do your trips Paul. By yourself. Is the confined space a benefit?

Had to share this event with you all. Just for the laugh alone.



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I had posted this in 2018. Removed everything on here back in February 2021.  

A fellow stroke survivor had posted this first.  So I copied my adventure from his site.  He has since passed.  Was encouragement I needed.

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Just wondering what made you delete your blog entries? I have blogged over many years on here and sometimes sit down and reread a blog or two from a particular year to try to remember a certain period of time in my stroke caregiver journey. That way the blog is a record of that long journey Ray and I took together. As I grow older that way of jogging my memory becomes even more important. Keep on blogging so your life. Love the camping story. 



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Mark :


you were adventurous I could never do tent camping after my stroke, though I wanted to do it, so I opted for cabin camping which was doable for me & it was fun experience. Its good to be able to laugh on our mishaps, I bet things would be lot easier now if you try again.





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