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Monday Mornings



There once was a time, I used to hate Monday mornings. I was always cranky till 11A.M. or so. Yeah because the weekend was over and it was back to the grind of the work week. Well there was a time shortly after the stroke. I missed the work grind so bad I could feel it inside.

But here I am three years out and I love being retired! Monday mornings aren't bad at all. I enjoy the slow pace of going on my patio with my coffee and smoking and just listening to the birds start their morning chorus. I feel a quick stab of remorse, that most of my adult life I ignored the morning chorus, ignored the thrill of spending quiet hours in a garden. I'm thankful I have the opportunity to enjoy the sight of my fat cat Stockings lounging at my feet while I enjoy my morning coffee. Retirement is very much like being on vacation from life, I've found. Sure there are things I have to do, but there is much I can just say NO to.

This is one of the positives to come out of stroke. Well I look at it that way. I'm sure there would be those who see it from the other side. A life of nothingness, waste, laziness. But they can have their opinion, I have mine and enjoying every minute too!



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I feel the same way about being'retired'. My hubby, may never get me back into the workforce. I fought being off of work very hard, and took a great loss from my job, now I would take a great loss from my computer and


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Hi Pam


I enjoyed your post eh. Sounds like you are getting the hang of this independant living. cloud9.gif




It must be the stroke (mine). But... you got me totaly confused. Is that(what you said) a good thing?

: lol_2.gif : eh Ponder.gif


Smiles smile.gif



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