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frustration and communication




the month at the hotel continued - i became expert at getting phone calls from a panicked coumadin clinic, it seems that my eating habits, including how much vit k i got, was a lot different than when i was in the hospital, id left being on 6mgs a day;but after my first test since discharge i got a call "DON'T take any coumadin tonight or tomorrow, then come get tested again!!! AND DON'T FALL !!!" lol, oh darn, just what id planned till she said not to.... id been on a stable dose for weeks;but it bounced a lot those first few months out "take more" "skip tonight" etc - finally settled on the odd dose of 6 mgs 4 days a week, 4mgs the other 3, odd;but it mostly worked.... i got lots of calls from assorted drs back then, the communication in that health network was pretty good - ant time any dr changed my meds at all, id get a call from the coumadin clinic saying i needed to get stuck, again, i'm surprised my one good vein didn't go on strike.... a few days after one set of tests that some random dr ordered, i got a call from my primary dr saying to stop taking one of my bp meds (i was on 4 at the time) because it was affecting my liver or kidneys, don't remember which - one day at ot/pt (i had them one before the other) they thought i looked pale, and i was a little dizzy, they took my bp at it was around 100 over something, i just wanted wait for paratransit and crawl into bed, this was before they figured out why i was itching, so id had zero sleep in weeks at that point - anyway, they decided that i shouldn't go and wheeled me to the er instead - major mistake - if they'd let me go id have been home and resting, instead, i sat in the er waiting room from 1 pm until 9 pm.... then they took me in, did a bunch of tests, took my bp again "i thought they said your bp was low, its not low" "thats because i missed two doses of meds while i've been waiting" "well,why didn't you bring them with you?" "well, i expected to be home, not here..." while i was there, two drs looked at my rash, they couldn't figure it out, either... great hospital for rehab, bad one for itching... well, at the end of all that they decided i was exhausted (well, duh, i hadn't slept in weeks and had been up in the chair over 12 hours!!!) dehydrated "likewise, in the er over 12 hours!!!) so after giving me a bag of iv fluids and keeping me awake even longer, they finally let me go at 7 am - i had an appointment at 9 with the rehab dr in a clinic about a half mile or so away, so i asked the info person at the desk to call paratransit for me and have them pick me up at the er rather than my house - a very obnoxious woman, she said "its just down the street, you don't need them to take you" i looked at her and said "well, then you try it three weeks after discharge from 3 months in the hospital following a stroke - oh, and do it in a wheelchair you can only propel with one hand after a night in the er when you haven't slept in weeks" lol, she looked like she wanted to have them check me into psych instead of letting me leave... anyway, within 3 hours of leaving the er, both my primary dr and the coumadin clinic had called me to find out what happened and if i was ok - so i had a bad night at the er;but left feeling great about my personal drs.... next time moving into my own place





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