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Long day ...boy am I tired






I was up by shortly after 7 this morning. Packed a lunch and met my ride to the office by 7:45.


Spent the day on the computer doing billings for jobs that are now finished.


This was an extra day at the office as I was there yesterday as usual.


Got home by 5:30 and had a quick supper. Changed my clothes and was ready to be picked up for a meeting that lasted till 9:30.


I had phone calls to make and emails to check. I also took the time to log in to chat for a few to say hello.


Also checked the board posted some posts and PM'd Jean (mum) re a thread split.


Replied to an email from Maggie on Strokenet and also sent one (email) to my youngest daughter Karol.


Talked to my oldest daughter Krista and my grand neice Shara on MSN Messenger. whoosh.gif


Now I am going to sign off and hit the hay. head_hurts.gif


Boy am I tired! tired.gif


nite smile.gif







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hey Gary:


that'a great, I didn't knw you work that's great, I go to work M,W,F to my old job, and it feels good something to look forward to and get up to



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