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Stroke Support comfort Zone



Tuesday night I went out to dinner with my old co-workers, I once was a customer service rep for my local phone company. I live in a very small community.

At dinner the girls were telling me about a customer that just stroked in the last few weeks..... So both of them say to me, will you call her? She lives alone and she was born deaf. So I say yeah sure I'll call her, extend my hand in support.


Then I got thinking and considering.... I remember her name, I don't remember her. So long story short, they give her my phone number, surprise, she remembers me, they tell her I had a stroke three years ago and I'm involved in stroke support, ect... So the ball is in her court, if she wants to call me, she can, she doesn't feel like it, then it is up to her.

But I feel a bit twitchy helping someone face to face. Isn't that stupid? Have I gotten so isolated here by myself, I can't deal with strangers? I can talk anyones ear off, make small talk, blah blah. Have I gotten so I can't think on my feet? I need the delay of a few seconds typing? Makes me question myself. The only way to "get over it" is to just go do it. Poor thing, hope shes ready for me.

I also have concerns, because I am not a professional. I am just an average survivor, who doesn't have all the answers or the patience or the impulse control. But it is time I get out of my comfort zone I think.



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I echoe Stans thoughts. I think you be just fine. Just be the you that comes across on the board.

You aready talk to strokees on the phone so what's the difference.....

Good luck, take care


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Pam don't sell yourself short. To me you were more than professional you were perfect. Just what I needed just when I needed it.You had the patience of Job and were never judgemental. There must be at least a hundred different people that you and your spirit are great. Don't ever change that much, I and many others I'm sure love you just the way you are.Remeber a friend in need is a friend in deed. Your friend for always Clark gleam.gif

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