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KInd of Bummed



I am kind of bummed out today, our family van has been acting up we thought we had the problem taken care of but I guess not, the van has been overheating.


The thermostat has been changed, flushed the radiator changed freeze plug and last but not least changed the water pump . It started to overheat again yesterday when my wife returned home from work.


Now the check engine light is on , its an old van with plenty of miles on it .So now I think its time to get rid of it and get another one with less miles and a bit newer.


Its just the thought that we have to go through the process of acting on it rather than things just being ok sad.gif but that ok its just another trial in life is how I see it . So let me know if these paragtraphs are ok for everyone to read I think I read something like that on the message board, about putting things in paragraphs . biggrin.gif


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Hey steve.. that should be easy to resolve.. although it sounds like you have done most of the normal troubleshooting .. what kind of motor is it.? does it have a bleeder screw to release air from the cooling system. I've worked on many motors in my time as i'm sure others here have also.. keep us posted Tom

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Hey Steve I know what you mean about cars that have seen better days I just put my out of its mesery, and bought a new one, now everythings grand excepy for that monthly payment. just thought I'd add my two bits. By the way I haven't talks with you in a while, all my fault I've been rather depressed latley and haven't been around. Yor old buddy Clark beer.gif

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