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Happy Birthday To.......



Lisa!! Yep, today is her birthday. 39 years old. She is taking it rather well. I asked her what she would like as a gift and she said, "Nothing." Her reasoning is that is what I got from her. I told her I did get something for my birthday, her back to me. She just laughed because my answer was so sappy.


I won't be able to see her much today though, as I have committed to play in a golf tourney with one of my suppliers. I did get her something. I picked up a laptop for her. She has always wanted one and hopefully she wil use it. Oh yeah, and a huge balloon bouquet.


Her trip home on Sat was very emotional and went well. It showed me we still have a long way to go.




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Happy Birthday to Lisa from all of us,


don't get disheartned if one trip home did not go well, things improve all the time, just don't qit trying, things will get smoother at home


also let her do everything, cause that adds ton of confidence



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Happy Birthday to Lisa. The laptop sounds wonderful and she will love it.


Just remember - time. Everything takes time. Even trial trips home. With time, things get easier. The fact that she has started to get out is progress. Hope rehab "celebrated her birthday.

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