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Wonderful Week



My company has come and gone. It was a wondeful visit.

Has been a fairly busy week with company and lots of visiting.


My mother in law is visully impaired so she didn't want to do a lot of sight seeing or shopping, she had a great time sitting around and talking and seeing grand kids and family here.


She became very attached to our oldest minature pinscher."muggsy" he loved to sit on her lap and enjoyed all the attention from her..She even told him I think I will take you home with me.


The dogs are very good about not getting under your feet or tripping as they are used to me...


This is mom's first visit since her husband passed away, she traveled with my step daughter...


She said how comfortable she feels here and knows she is welcome anytime for as long as she wants.


We had some very good talks about disability and coping and when you have always been the independent one that it is hard to ask for help. We talked about being in your comfort zone and how it is hard to be out in new spots where you are not so comfortable.


It was wonderful to see how all the family interacted and helped.


We all tried to make sure she had time to spend with each family member.


This was truly a wondeful week that I will cherish. wub2.gif

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Glad you enjoyed the visit. All that housecleaning was worth it, eh?


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