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dealing with ataxia



About 5% of stroke survivors (primarily brain aneurysm) suffer from this movement



Subject: Idiopathic ataxia + stroke


I have found it extremely difficult to find information on

sporadic ataxia research...had a brain aneurysm burst in the cerebellum 13 years ago and the blood-brain barrier was flooded. The resultant ataxia has affected my a.d.l.s and kept me in a wheelchair. Have you information on research into this problem?


I know two other women here with ataxia from strokes so

the problem is not that rare. We recently voted for stem cell research in Calif. and this holds promise for stroke survivors living in the USA. I am a member of internaf, altho this group also focuses on the hereditary ataxias. i am again going to a p.t., walking in the water and practicing yoga, all of which keep me limber.


Have started a blog here in hopes of finding others with similar movement disorders.



Jill Winslow


You can e-mail me through my personal messenger, user name: JillianWinslow





This blog was disabled because Jillian took a different user name which she has started posting under and she also started another blog under that user name. The JillianWinslow user name has been deleted.



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This blog was set invisible because Jillian got a new user name and started another blog under that name. MBA: JR

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