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Got The House Cleaned Last Night



Top to Bottom. Furniture, floors, bathroom the works. It feels really good to finally get it done. My daughter is having a "few" friends over tonight for a sleep-over. The entire cheerleading squad!! Yep, 15 sixteen to eighteen year old girls. I think dad will hold up in the basement tonight. I just hope I can get some sleep myself.


I blogged a couple of days ago about isolation. I was having a pity party that day, but it was my true feelings at the time. Yesterday, I got some much needed support from my family. I have planned a weekend coming up in 2 weeks of golfing with a vendor at a resort on Thurs-Fri and I have my 20th on that Sat. Lisa is scheduled to have her feeding tube removed on the Friday of that week. I thought my weekend was totally shot. I have been looking forward to this for so long. Anyway, her parents said they would be with her at the hospital on Friday and my mom said she would stay with her all day Saturday. Shocked the hell out of me. I think they got together a planned to give me a well-deserved break.

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I hope you have a good time. When Patrick had his tube removed, it was so funny. They drug him down two floors in the hospital, stowed him in a crtained cubicle, and then came in and yanked it out. The "procedure" lasted all of about 5 seconds. Patrick kept joking about it afterwords and in his aphasic way said "hey, Hey, HEY!!! WAI...(wait) oh well." As if to say it was over before he even knew it began. Hope thats the way it goes for Lisa, too. I checked out her website the other day. That is really cool that her family is updating it everyday.

Take Care


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