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Insurance Companies



Argh.gif I have just recieved another packet of forms from the Insurance Company, some for me to fill out and a set for my doctor...lovely....

One question on this form asks: "What do you specifically do from the time you arise in the morning until you retire at night? Well HOW specific do they actually want...how many cups of coffe, how many trips to the bathroom....

okay I am a bit frustrated with this form and should not try to tackle the whole thing at once....do they want to know if I changed the empty toilet paper roll?

ok, just venting....need to go take the dogs out...does that go on the form?







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biggrin2.gif Don't you just love it? Maybe if you tell them exactly, they'll give it to you because you're mentally chanllenged. LOL. Tell them, you wake up and sit on the edge of the bed for 5 minutes while your pressure settles itself, then you stand unladylike because you have a balance problem and you stagger to the bathroom and.......well, you take a diuretic and that takes you a while. By then your managerie of animals needs feeding and walking, but to walk, you have to take your cane so you don't fall etc. etc. etc. LOL roflmao.gif
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