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Fall Happenings....



Lately I've been fall cleaning my life. I started decorating for fall at the beginning of August. I love fall, one of my favorite seasons. Mainly cause football starts. I'm happy to say this year, I've actually watched a few pre season games already. I like the change in the weather from fall's arrival, the chill in the air in the mornings, ummm makes that first cup of coffee and smoke so delightful.

But I bought 4 books of Philosphy before summer started and planned to read heavy heady stuff, well guess what? I have 3 books going right now.....Still trying to wade through Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, that book ticks me off at times. I started a Intro to Philosphy, halfway threw that one and a nice easy reading breezy novel, called "Something Borrowed" but I have to say I haven't found much time for reading lately as I've kept myself busy.

You may wonder why I'm blogging about my reading habits this summer? Well for 1 I had nothing else to blog about and 2 I went in search of Kant's Manifold of Perception today and started to read about it. Now mind you, I haven't finished reading that yet either, but I didn't know that most cultures/languages don't have as many words to describe emotions like the English language. I just found that completely interesting. OK, I'll fess up too, I had half a boittle of wine with dinner tonight. I cooked a roast chicken today. So I thought wine was in order to celebrate the fact that I didn't just open a bottle of water for dinner like most nights. Instead I actually cooked a meal for myself that I had to wash a ton of dishes afterwards, now I remember why cooking had become quite distasteful to me, it is all the clean up.

But I have been using my left hand to hold the dishes till in the dish pan and I'm happy to report that has paid off. I had a heavy box of hardcover books that I needed to put on top of another box of books. Well I would have spilled the box using just my right hand, so I placed my fingers of my left hand in the hole on the side of the box, I took a deep breath and clenched my hand and lifted and guess what? The left hand lifted that box of books! I have no streength in my left arm/hand at all, but it worked for those few seconds I needed it too. It was a thrill to use two hands again. I was pumped. Put me on cloud nine all day. Every day is a new day and I never know what new thing I will be able to do.

Enough rambling from me now. Besides wine and typing aren't compatible I'm finding. cloud9.gif



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Yes, good job, I was very happy when mine started working...

It will be surprising now, what you can get the darn thing to do "most" of the time.....YEAH PAM


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