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spills and other ills



It was Fathers Day today and some of it was quite good. We went to church, to a meeting, had lunch after the meeting with the usual Fellowship members. No problems so far. Ray sat up for a while when we came home and talked to our older son on the phone. We had our daughter, SIL and two children call in last night so he had cards and presents. He's not very demanding now, just a couple of little gifts and he is happy.

It was raining today, wet and cold so he was happy to start on his afternoon nap. I had some time to read, watch some television, relax a bit (I know, I should have been lowering the level of the ironing)lol.

Then Trevor and I prepared a special meal, some of his favourite foods, all easy to eat so should have been no swallowing difficulties. Ray seemed to really enjoy what we cooked and as we'd hoped he'd feel special, it all seemed to have worked out well.

But we must have got something wrong because at the end of the meal up it all came. I hustled around and cleaned everything up but it surely took the shine off the day. I just wanted to shout and scream. I know it is random and nothing personal, and he can't help it and wouldn't do this if he could help it, but it doesn't help when there is a huge mess to clean up, does it?

I feel so yuk myself when anyone is sick but as our older son used to be a projectile vomitter when he was a toddler it was "just get used to it, babe". And that is coming in handy now. I can smile and say:"Never mind this, you just have a nice shower and tidy up and I'll clean this up." Yuk, yuk. yuk.

My whine for today.


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being guilty of the same thing when I first came home. Survivors do feel terrible when this occurrs even if they don't show it. swallow problems are a bit&%... angry.gif its like your body defies you once again...

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