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Mom is a finalist!



Finally, something cool to blog about.


My mom has been named a finalist (One of 10 overall, one of five in her catergory) for the Sutter Home Build A Better Burger Contest. YEAH MOM!!!


She is a finalist in the "alternative burger" catagory, which means at least 75% of the burger must contain a meat other than beef. The grand prize is $10,000 so those are pretty good odds. She has already won the trip to Napa for 2 nights so she can compete in the cook-off, plus I think all the runners up win $500. Not bad.


The cook-off is Oct 1st- not much time to practice. I see alot of pork burgers in my dad's immediate future.


WAY TO GO MOM!!! bouncesmile.gif




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that is WAY cool. i hope she wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll keep my fingers crossed, rub a red haired man's head, and light a candle for good luck!!!!!! pash.gifpash.gifpash.gifpash.gif


best of luck to her.


my best sweetie


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Yeah, we will all be "rooting" for her..If she needs "tasters" I am sure many here would be in line!! keep us posted GO MOM GO



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I resemble that remark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good luck anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Charles beer.gifbeer.gifbeer.gif

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Thank you all for the well wishes, I'll keep my fingers crossed too! I am so excited for her. This is her first trip to Napa, which happens to be where Patrick and I honeymooned, and she is almost as excited to see the wine country as she is to compete in the contest. ALMOST. I will let you know next month how she does- in the meantime, I hope she gets our good vibes!



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