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Am I the only one that thinks pumping contaminated water back into the ocean is a insane thing to do? The only one who thinks that rebuilding New Orleans at todays prices is a wicked shameful thing to do, so another storm can come in another season and flood it again.

I saw some news footage this morning, a older woman is standing talking to the news caster very proudly saying she isn't leaving, this is her home, while one can see in the background her house. Or rather what once was her house, it now has water up to the peak of a two story house. So my point? My point is this, yes that is her home but I thought home is where the heart is and gee move someplace else, start over, what are you thinking, wanting to stay in a building that has had contaminated water hanging out in it for how many days?

I think they need mega amounts of bleach dumped down there. Abandon the entire place, move it somewhere else. Now, I can hear me getting blasted because it is easy for me to take a harsh view of this, I'm not from there, I'm just a yank Northerner. At least the part of the country I live in is loaded with farmers, farmers who make harsh decisions daily and seem to have a bit more wisdom.

That is my 2 cents for today.



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I don't have any intelligent comment on that, since I m Indian who started her life in complete new country with new culture and did it okay, but after moving 4 times in america from NYC to NJ, and making my home in NJ, Iwould hate to move from this house and start again, but if circumstances changed then I wouldn't mind moving again. I agree with you,there is no big deal i starting over, I guess news people want something to talk about, they want to show how tragic things r and so forth




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The toxic pollution (water) that they are pumping out of the city will take a massive clean up unlike any we've ever seen, including the Love Canal. But the powers that be are saying that there is no other choice. Being under sea level, the water isn't going to drain away on it's own and the pollution is still going to be there and getting worse by the day. They have to get at the dead bodies, stop all the gas leaks that are causing most of the fires and remove other chemicals containers that are leaking in the heating fuel tanks, cars, refrigerators are just a few of the sources that are leaking junk into the water.


As for rebuilding the city again, I hope to hell the Corp of Engineers and the environmental engineers who have been warning of this flood disaster/levees not holding get their way when they rebuild. They need a long-range plan that includes the restoration of the wetlands and to built with flood plain restrictions i.e. a city on stilts. The income generated from the sales taxes brought in by New Orleans and other coastal towns near by kept the whole state running, it's inconceivable that they won't rebuild. Note: I didn't say it was wise, just that it will happen.


By the way, it was Bush who just last year vetoed the coastal restoration act that would have started the wetland restoration project in the golf. The destruction of the wetlands has a LOT to do with the brunt of storms like Katrina being able to get at the leeves with so much force. You can't mess with Mother Nature!!!!! She knows what the f#ck she's doing with her assets and she gets even when you take them away like they've done down in the golf in their haste to give the developers more space and oil company ships more passage ways.


Global warming also played a part in the damage done by the Katrina. But wait! George Bush says there is no such thing. Sciences say there are 6-7 other cities who are in serious danger of the same, New Orleans type thing happening to them as the oceans raise from global warming and if the wetlands aren't given back to their rightful owner soon.



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I had to sell my new home and move quickly,post stroke.

That was a very devastating time in my life.

I am happy to be a survivor and alive.

I can relate to these people not wanting to leave their homes,but

circumstances alter things and they must leave when they have the


lorrainelm cloud9.gif

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Yes I agree, you can't fool around with Mother Nature, taking away the wet lands there place for the water to go. I also don't understand building below sea level...but $$$$from developers speak loud.

Yesd the GUNK has to be cleaned up and removed somehow.

This is far from over and I don't mean the clean up and rebuilding... the health issues for many years to come..

I for one would be running from there as fast as I could, but I have moved and started over several times, not from any disaster like this.

I am sure I don't have any answers, but to my way of thinking to rebuild without returning wet lands and safe areas is ludicrous to me.

I pray for the people that have dis-placed and those lost. And I truly hope that whatever is done is done with some intelligence.


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yes i agree pam who is to say when you visit the ocean oneday you might ne the one coming back up with something on your face and head but thats the only place thy have to pump it fer now

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I could be wrong, but I think they're pumping that water into that big lake down there that I can't spell, not into the ocean. The lake will declared a toxic waste site and get a federal grant to clean up it up, like they did with the Love Canal project. I would still not eat fish that comes from that whole golf area, but then I'm not much of a fan of fish to begin with, so they are easy to give up.



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MARTY angry.gif

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AOL has a vote if people think New Orleans should be rebuilt. I haven't looked yet but will because I'm wondering what the majority say. I can see both sides but it will never be the same and yes, it could happen again.


They did rebuild after Andrew. So many of the new homes that were hit had been poorly constructed. Many places had changed such as shopping centers etc. but they weren't under the sea to begin with. Those places have mold and it is very hard to clean up.........

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