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electrostim hand



a week ago I tried out theNESS 200 (electrostim splint for hand/forearm therapy)by Bioness Inc I got a very thorough therapist at

Good Shepherd Rehab Hospital in Allentown PA Itried it Igot a little 'zap' (electrostim)

my thumb started moving fabulous!1 the little zap actually caused tighter-fisted (I attribute that

to my damaged/confused brain) afterthe -3 minute session Ifelt more'twitchy'/animatedin handfor the next few days thereafter

I've been practicing tightening/loosening my grip on a rubber dog toy dropping in a basket

the 'practice sessions seems to help my brain on retraining I am not a professional (!)

might as well try.. The therapistsuggested some portable electrostim(less specialized device) I'll start maybe next week. I'll report here. I figure it's better to try something? Thetherapist advised try 'doing something with that hand ' repetition is the secret

thanks for listening



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I can attest that it does come back. I am three years post stroke, I do my excersises every day and recently I have been using my affected hand to hold the dishes still in the dish pan so I can wash them. I'm noticing more function coming back lately. In tiny little amounts but tiny is better then none. Keep at it, you'll suceed!


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That is a wonderful first giant leap, being able to use what ever movement you have will build like building blocks before you know it you will be doing things you have 'wished ' you could do before. Keep us posted on your recovery. Your brain will get the hang of it!


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