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BRRREEEEEEATHE in through the nose




Why do I only blog (99% of the time) the things that are bothering me? I must seem like a total mess...I really need to start blogging some of the ups...


Anyway, in keeping with tradition, here is the latest news to get me in a tizzy.


Patrick came home with an updated therapy schedule effective tomorrow. The therapists have reduced his therapy from 4-5 days of OT,PT, ST a week to 3 days a week. Not only are they reducing the sessions per week, but OT & PT are being reduced every session from 45 minutes to 30 minutes, and Speech will go from 1 hour to 45 minutes.


I am just this side of having a panic attack while Patrick is happy about less sessions. I understand that he doesn't like having to be there so much, but lets face it- I am not a therapist, nor do I think I make a good one. I see this change as the first official sign that he is hitting a plateau and I am afraid this is the beginning of the end of therapy. I have not explained my fears to Patrick and I tried to be non-chelant about it. But I am scared!!!



where's my paper bag



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I know how you must be feeling, I was hugely depressed while going for therapy, and I knew when my therapy was coming to end, drs and therapisr were very nice where I went, they were all saying since ur insurance is ending for this year therapy has to stop for this year, its nothing to do with reaching platateu, by reducing hours they r trying to maybe wean off therapy though I know speech therapy continues on for long time

just take it in positive side, that they think he can now survive on its own



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A word about plateaus. They come and go. Sometimes medical personnel talk about plateauing as if it is final. This just isn't so. He will probably continue to see progress for years. Insurance paying for therapy is part of the drama of plateaus. They, of course, are happy to see a plateau so they can quit paying.


There are people on this network who have been able to get therapy resumed and paid for by insurance. I would guess that depends on the insurance company and the commitment of your doctor to fight for it. There is also therapy available for free at some colleges. It is part of their training program for future licensed therapists. Check it out.


There are also many "therapies" that stroke survivors have found on their own. Things like crosswords, and water aerobics. There have been a lot of posts about water aerobics.


Don't panic. Things will work out.

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Your question: "Why do I only blog (99% of the time) the things that are bothering me?"


My answer: Because your human.



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Three days a week seems to be the status quo. As we are looking into getting Lisa home, her out-patient therapy will be for three days a week as well.


You're lucky Patrick is home.



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