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The stroke



September 15, 2004. Vinny was driving, he was all alone. He was walking back to his car when he had the most incredible pain in his head. He sat there for a while until the "headache" eased up a little. Then he started the car and started driving. Out of nowhere he couldn't move his entire right side, his vision was blurred, he was confused, and he saw a school bus stop full of kids. Thank God he still had enough of his thinking to pull over and hit a parked car. "it was either hit the car or kill kids". All of this took him 6-7 weeks to tell me. The first night they told me he wasn't going to make it. The bleed was really bad, large and very deep in his brain. He made it through the night. They still told me he wouldn't make it. He made it through night 2. After the 3rd night and he was a bit more stable, I was finally forced by our families to leave the hospital. 4 days in ICU, 5 days on the stroke unit, then the transfer to the Rehap hospital.He has no memory of those first 9 days. He remembers his mother getting to the ER. He couldn't speak, but he kept looking at the door with panic on his face. She understood, "Patti is on her way, she'll be here soon." As soon as I ran in there, I could see the fear,and the panic in his beautiful eyes. "I'm here Hon, I'm with you, it's going to be alright." He finally relaxed and drifted off. That is where his memory ends.

Thats enough for now. I can't see through the tears.


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