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Still Here



September was my last entry! :head_hurts: My memory that I even had this blog was jarred by an email from the organization!

I've often wondered if my memory loss can ALL be attributed to the stroke. There's the approaching menopause thing, and just being in my 40's. ???? :rolleyes:

I'm approaching my 11th stroke anniversary, and aside from volunteering here, and a brief run at my former employer, I haven't done squat. What to do though...

Susan :)


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Hi Susan,


Wow, an eleven year anniversary! I sure hope Don makes it that far. The blog community should be interesting this month as everyone updates their blog. Glad to see yours!



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I was glad to see your blog, hey you have reached big milestone of 11 year anniversary hopefully without another stroke, that in itself is big achievement.




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Maybe not ALL, but some memory is definitely directly associated with the stroke along with any paralysis you may have. The brain was affected so our deficits and mental mind are not the same anymore.


I think that has more to do with it than anything else, including aging. A lot of older citizens have very sharp memories. That's what I think!

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