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Update for Karina



I know it has been awhile, but I wanted to give an update on Karina's status via this posting. On January 11th 2007, it will mark the 18th month since Karina had her stroke and she will be 2 yrs and 9 months old as of that date. Still no definite cause as to "why" she had her stroke but she is managing with her therapy although she only receives services once a week due to financial constraints; insurance situation, etc... Karina had a left MCA stroke which left her weak on her right side with visual deficits and right hemiplegia. We, as her family, are coping and she is making strides and we pray for her recovery every day. Would appreciate any and all support/comments, as we do not have any support groups set up in our community at this time. Thank you!


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"My name is Lorraine and I am the grandmother of a 15 month old stroke survivor. "Yes", I said 15 month old! She had a left hemispheric CVA on July 11th, 2005."


Hi Lorraine, I copied this from one of your posts so others will know who Karina is. I guess she is really precious to you and all the family. As a grandmother myself I know how your heart must ache sometimes.


This is a good place to come for support, those of us who are caregivers can empathise with you and the survivors can share the battles that that little grand daughter of yours is going through and most of us know the strain of living with strokes and the tremendous challenges this represents.


Thank you for joining the blog community. We will be delighted to hear of Karina's ongoing progress and the struggles you and her parents go through to support her.



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I second Sue's 'thank you' for joining the blog community. A lot of us know about adult strokes but few of us know much about strokes in children. Even so we all go through the same emotional ups and downs. So stick around. For me, the on-line support we get here is even better than my local, in person support group. Candor and true feelings have a way of coming out more in an anonymous setting, I think.



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Thank you, Sue and Jean for your kind words and sentiments. One of my resolutions for this new year is a vow to be very proactive with getting help and support, not only for my granddaughter, but also for our family as this has been a strain for all of us! Blessings to you and your families.

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Hi Lorraine:


welcome to our blogworld, I have never met that young stroke survivor before, but I have heard chances of recovery is way too good versus when you are adult and something like this happens, I too loke Jean do better on online support than in support groups.


we all go through our own acceptance journey, and I think kids r excellent in staying in a moment compare to adults who like to cry over spilled milk




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Welcome, Glad Karina is making progress. I'm sure have contacted you Department of Social and Health Services in your area. Sometimes they grant medical assistance in different categories.


If you have a couple Dr's and the physical therapist write letters to the Insurance company you may be able to some extended therapy.


Also contact the Lion's Club and Masonic Hall. They may be able to help.


There is nothing worse than watching a little one go thru an ilness or pain.


Will keep you familly in my thoughts and prayers.


((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) and warmest wishes to you all.


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