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What a beginning to the New Year !!!



It's only the 5th day of the new year and I'm not off to a great start. :yucky: I just found out that my dad, who is a stroke survivor, may have colon cancer! We just survived my mother's death from colon cancer a little over 3 years ago. My dad is such a strong man......he came back from the stroke fighting the whole way.....and has overcome so much. It just doesn't seem fair. It doesn't seem fair to me, my brother, my daughter and husband, my step mother and most importantly, it doesn't seem fair for this to be happening to my dad. I know I shouldn't worry about it until we know for sure what the biopsy shows, so I'm trying to stay strong - I'm the strong one in the family - all I can do is hope for the best. My daughter, Carlie, was a miracle child - conceived 3 months after my mother died - my husband and I had tried for 12 years - She IDOLIZES my dad - and she makes him just LIGHT UP so brightly when she sees him. I want him to be here with us for a long time! He's my dad....I'm his only girl.....I love him and I IDOLIZE him.....


Sorry to be so darn down today.....just lots going on.....and ps....my first name is Dawn.


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Glad to see you blog again, I'm hoping and will pray he does not have cancer.


I'm the same way about my grand daughter, 2 years old. I pray I'm here to see her reach teenage life. She's my little company keeper.


Let's hope for the best!!

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Will definately hope and pray your dad does not have cancer or that it was caught early and all will be well.


Best wishes to you all.



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